'A report from Abbas Kai-Rostami Iranian filmmaker

A short film by Internationally-acclaimed Iranian auteur and director Abbas Kia-Rostami would be screened in Venice International Film Festival as the event is preparing to celebrate its 70th edition.
70 short films have been invited to the event which is to be attended by renewed figures such as Bernardo Bertolucci, Paul Joseph Schrader, Apichatpong Weerasethakul and Shekhar Kapoor.
The directors have been taking part in the festival since 20 years ago and their 60-90 second films would be displayed in the event.
The festival is scheduled to be held on August 28 to September 7.
As a filmmaker, painter, designer and photographer, Kiarostami has received many prestigious international awards, including the 1997 Cannes Golden Palm award and the 2008 Glory to the Filmmaker award of the Venice Film Festival.


سحرقریشی بازیگرتازه نفس سینمای ایران

عکس ازکلوزاپ     

سحرقریشی بازیگرتازه کارسینمای ایران است وی ازنظرتکنیک بازیگری وارایه نقش چیزی برای گفتن ندارد،اوباچهره ای خوب وپشت کارمناسب،توانست درسینمای ایران خود را مطرح نماید.


Woman's spirit burns in 'The Patience Stone

A walk onto the street, to get fruit and medicine, becomes a frantic run for survival for the unnamed woman played by Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani in The Patience Stone. Suddenly, there is an explosion. A truck full of militia firing automatic weapons tears around the corner, dust and damage everywhere. The woman lives in a small house behind a walled courtyard, where she has two young daughters and a husband. He is lying comatose, a bullet in his neck, a tube with serum going into his mouth. The man (Hamidrez Javdan - not exactly a fun part) - is much older. She was 17 when she married him - or married a photograph and a dagger representing his presence. He was away. And now, in this quietly fierce condemnation of fundamentalist Muslim society's treatment of women, she begins to speak truths she dared not utter when he was awake. The Patience Stone, adapted from the Atiq Rahimi novel and directed by the author - aided in no small measure by Thierry Arbogast's remarkable cinematography - finds the woman telling her husband about the men who fathered her daughters, because he was impotent. She talks of her longings, her rage. After weeks of these confessions, something stirs, breaks free. She meets a soldier (Massi Mrowat), and they make love. In Persian mythology, the patience stone is a magical talisman that absorbs the worries and woe of those who confide in it. For the woman, her husband becomes that stone. It's a process of catharsis, allowing her to move on - and allowing the audience a glimpse into a culture of religious fervor, sexual oppression, violence, fear. Although the country goes unnamed in this powerful, parable-like film, it is clearly Afghanistan, torn apart by war, a culture dominated by men, by mullahs. But what comes across more than anything - in Farahani's character, in the wisdom and wild humor displayed by her aunt (Hassina Burgan) - is the resilience of women. Beneath the hijabs and the burkas that conceal them, a spirit burns fast and strong.


Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are separated

Actor Michael Douglas and actress Catherine Zeta-Jones arrive on the red carpet for the 85th Annual Academy Awards in this February 24, 2013. People Magazine on August 28, 2013, Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas have reportedly decided to spend some time apart after 13 years of marriage. Photo: AFP PHOTO/JOE KLAMARJOE KLAMAR/AFP/Getty Images


Yara Shahidi an Iranian Actress in bollywood film

Shahidi was born, and raised for the first four years of her life, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to an Iranian father, Afshin Shahidi, a photographer, and an African-American mother, Keri-Salter Shahidi.
She moved with her family to California because of her father's work. She is the older sister of child actor Sayeed Shahidi.

She began her career when she was six years old, appearing in television and print advertisements for companies such as McDonald's, Ralph Lauren, Target, GapKids, Disney, Guess Kids, and Children's Place
She frequently worked with her mother and younger brother in various print and broadcast campaigns.
Shahidi made her theatrical debut in 2009, starring opposite Eddie Murphy, in Paramount Picture’s Imagine That, for which she received a Young Artist Award nomination.